Our Name is our Program and our Offer: Am Ende ein Fest

We are a modern funeral service provider who focuses on the most essential, most tangible and most touching of every funeral: the moment of saying goodbye. We are looking for a wide variety of points of contact and perspectives, develop motifs, use leeway, and thus create tangible individuality and real closeness to life. Above all, it is our creative-conceptual approach that sets us apart from the traditional undertaker trade, which is more traditionally shaped, but with which we work closely to carry out every farewell.


Am Ende ein Fest helps create a farewell that is individual and unique – just like the life of the deceased. All services are tailored to your budget, we work based on mutual trust and respect.

What we Do for You:
Our Services


Together with relatives and friends, we look for topics and motifs that set the framework in terms of content and design of the farewell. In close exchange, an individual and coherent whole is created, from the invitation to the farewell ceremony and the burial.


We create an individual plan based on all wishes, which brings together the input and contributions of all parties involved. Of course, this plan can be updated at any time, so that in the end there is a harmonious, coherent process of farewell for everyone.


The farewell ceremony and the burial are the focus and the conclusion at the same time.

Am Ende ein Fest

is the ‘Master of Ceremony’, i.e., actively participating as moderator or solely in the background to ensure quality.


Compensation based on Effort and with full Cost Transparency

Immediately after our initial meeting and before an order is placed, you will receive a detailed calculation from us so that you have a clear idea of what the funeral is likely to cost.

The fee for Am Ende ein Fest is EUR 100 per hour or EUR 800 per day. Experience shows that planning and accompanying the farewell requires a personal effort of two to three days. Accordingly, our fee is around EUR 1,600 to EUR 2,400 (all effort will be documented in detail). Upon request and depending on the order, we can agree on a flat fee.

All fees, costs and fees associated with the farewell and the funeral – for supplies, cremation and burial, coffin / urn, printed matter, decoration and floristry, music, catering, etc. – will be passed on without surcharge with all original documents. Depending on the type of funeral and the extent of the farewell ceremonies, the services and items range from an estimated total of 5,000 to 7,000 EUR (excluding the costs of the grave site).


Everything from a Single Source –
with Experienced Partners

We are the central point of contact for the farewell and the burial. From the first meeting, we plan and control all the services of the partners involved and ensure their quality. With each individual farewell, our team of committed providers and people is growing. Together with these great partners, we passionately drive new thinking and new approaches around farewell and funeral:


Freshly Thinking UNDERTAKER (lebensnah, thanatos)


Beautiful DECORATION & FLORISTRY (flores y amores)


Comforting MUSIC

Cordial PHOTOGRAPHY (joannstuhrimages)

Delicious CATERING (al dente)

Modern GRAPHICS & PRINTING (suwadesign, die kartenmacherei, druckzuck)

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