Each Person is Unique – and so should be the Farewell Each Life and Passing have a Story that is worthwhile to be told Am Ende ein Fest

Every Farewell is unique – It is your Farewell

John | Homestyle Coffee & Cake
Uwe | Finissage
Jürgen | His last Sailing Trip

Am Ende ein Fest offers a new, contemporary funeral service with the understanding that everyone has different expectations and needs. Everything that we do offers you greatest openness, choice, and quality. Above all, we are driven by the deep conviction: each person is unique – and so should be her/his farewell.

Favorite Place or favorite Hobby?

We find the right ideas and design elements together, intuitively during our conversations

All Services from one Hand

We organize the entire funeral – with experienced, proven partners

Get to know us - No Obligations

We are always available for you, the initial consultation is, of course, free of charge

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